CMR studio news and events, clients, recent sessions and projects.

Singer and pianist Melissa Eaton recorded at the studio over a two day period to
produce a seven song demo of all original material. Sean engineered. Melissa
and Sean laid down basic rhythm tracks and Melissa put down the piano tracks with the
Bosendorfer grand piano. She then added vocals and backing vocals. The result is a
beautiful and heartfelt poetic collection of pop songs, mostly dwelling on the subject of romance.

Left - Ray Oram Octet Right - Melissa Eaton with engineer Sean McAusland

You know The Twist by Fats Domino??? Well, Ray Oram plays the
saxophone on that record. His main gig, though, is the cool west coast jazz sound of
Gerry Mulligan, Horace Silver and others. Ray formed the octet several
years ago to honor that sound. Ray's octet has recorded three CDs at CMR
. The latest one, titled A Walk In Monet's Garden was recorded in Dec 2005.
Engineer Sean McAusland talks about the recording: "Ray wanted a live sound, true
to the nature of the music, so I put a dynamic mic on each instrument and two small condenser
mics in the piano. Ray is a fan of many of the two and four track jazz recordings of the fifties
and sixties, so we blended all the horns mono with the piano, drums and reverb stereo.
We brought up a nice bright reverb for the horns, especially on Ray's tenor sax lines, and
gave the drums a little bit of gate. The result sounds like a classic fifties or sixties
two track jazz album, exactly what Ray wanted. Because the piano was low in the mix, we went
back to the session tapes, isolated the piano then pancaked the louder piano tracks on top
of the first mixes. After tweaking and troubleshooting for the inevitable phasing effect
from using this method, the reult was a success with =out the need for a full remix.


L - Hey Jr. singer Tom in action. R - Zion Cartel with Sean M.

Hey Jr. are a four piece country and rock band based in the West Palm Beach area.
Over the past couple of years they have cultivated a sizable following in the
popular world of country music throughout South Florida. They came into the
studio to record a quality demo of 5 songs to showcase their capabilities.
We spent a couple of hours getting a basic drum, guitar and bass sound setup
with close mics on the drums, two mics on each of the guitars and two on the bass
one DI, one cab. The vocalist laid down a scratch vocal. We spent the next two
evenings getting the vocals, harmony vocals and guitar overdubs down. The band
asked engineer Sean McAusland to play bass on the tracks since they were currently
auditioning bassists and did not have one during the sessions. Two evenings were
spent on mixing. Sean's preferred method was to mix the instrumental tracks, then the
vocal blend acapella, then sync the two on the computer for better nuance control
over how the vocals sat with the instruments. The band took their master to a
mastering engineer. Look for Hey Jr. performing most weekends throughout S. FL.

Zion Cartel are a duo of brothers Gareth and Gordon Johnson. Their music is an intriguing and engaging style of smooth hip hop that accentuates
intelligent, insightful poetic lyrics over trance-like grooves. Gordon is the rapper,
and Gareth, classically trained, plays the violin. The results are nothing short of
transcendent. They brought in a friend who plays cello on several cuts.
They came to the studio with basic tracks and overdubbed violin, vocals and cello.

Jeff, the former bassist for The Squaz stalking at the front door
before a demo recording session.

Mercy Brown - Top photo - L, Sean, guitar, vocals. R, Hunter, guitar, slide guitar.

Bottom photo - L, Justin, bass. Ctr, Cris, piano, vocals. R, Patrick, drums, backing vocals.

Orlando alt-rock group Mercy Brown spent a weekend at CMR recording a bunch of
meticulously arranged songs. Sean M engineered. They are recording more at a later time.
" Working with Mercy Brown is great " says Sean M "Because they want to use
analog 24 track tape, something few bands and musicians who walk through our door want to do.
The sound of analog recording is so much warmer and forgiving than digital. Nothing against digital,
but I really enjoy the opportunity to work with analog. We spent a few hours getting our basic mic
and instrument set up. The band wanted to record live, with scratch vocals. They also used our
Bosendorfer grand piano. After recording the basic tracks, we worked on lead and harmony vocals
and guitar overdubs. On the next day we rerecorded the piano parts because of unwanted drum bleed
and then mixed all the tracks down to DAT in preparation for mastering. Working with the band is
great because they have a clear idea of the sound they want, plus they are knowledgable about
engineering." Look for Mercy Brown performing live in the Orlando area.

L - Hilkka. R - Johanna Hjorth.

1.Opera singer Johanna Hjorth recorded a set of pop songs
and standards with Marilynn accompanying on piano and MIDI programming. "Johanna has a
phenomenal classical voice and I enjoyed working out the arrangements of the songs she wanted to
record," says Marilynn. Singer Chrissy Faith, Johanna's daughter, will be presenting a one day
workshop at CMR for vocalists on vocal technique and care. She has worked with such famous musicians as
The Brecker Brothers, Lou Reed and Robert Plant and has written a book on vocal techniques.
Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this workshop (Friday November 26).

2.Singer Hikkla Helena is recording a series of demos at CMR.
She is back in action after a singing hiatus. Look for her to be performing in the West Palm Beach
area in the near future.

Laura Buonpastore

3.Teen singer Laura Buonpastore finished recording a full CD
of popular songs. A great maturing voice, a sharp mind and the future awaits...

4. Andy McAusland and Sean McAusland, two-thirds of the
rock-fusion band Dinosaur Construction Unit are recording about 25 acoustic songs, most of which
are originals. Instruments used - vintage Epiphone acoustic, vintage National Steel, custom mandolin and
fretless bass. Miking was relatively straight forward. We put a KM84 to capture the fretboard and projection
of each instrument, then a U67 close to the soundhole of the acoustic guitars and a C414 close to the soundhole
of the mandolin. The balance of mics gave us a nice full spectrum of natural sound.

L - Andy. R - Sean.

5.SQUAZ, an alt rock trio recorded their demo at CMR.
Sean engineered. Watch for them to perform in local night clubs and venues.
They will play at Roxy's in downtown West Palm Beach on Friday November 19).

6.LEFT ON RED, a three piece alt rock band, spent an evening in
CMR to record a 4-song EP. Sean engineered.
#This was a relatively simple set up, for a demo#
says Sean M #a simple set up - a stereo pair of drum overheads (KM84 condenser mics) and some close mics,
direct bass, mic'd guitar cab and scratch vocals, later to be rerecorded.#

L - Squaz. R - Left On Red.

7.SID STEWART, a singer-performer, has just finished a CD of trio jazz
recordings with Marilynn on piano, Link Lackey on bass and Bob Beurer on drums.
Sid will use the instrumental tracks to sing over during his performances. Sean engineered.

8.COOP, the charismatic president of U-No Records of West Palm Beach
has been laying down tracks at CMR for two soon to be available CDs of R & B and gospel. Coop also organizes
showcases for promising talent, details will be posted here soon.

9.WHIRLING DERVISH, a four piece alt rock band, spent an evening in
CMR to record their debut EP. Sean engineered.

L - Coop of U-No Records. R - Whirling Dervish.

10. Sean and Marilynn recorded pipe organ (Art Nobile) with vocalist
Lorie at the St. Ignatius of Loyola Cathedral in West Palm Beach. The results were... well... heavenly!
Also recorded by Sean was a concert - the third annual The Many Moods of Christmas Concert.
Sean also assisted running sound for four Christmas eve masses at the catherdral as well.
Two more concerts, part of the cathedral's music event program were the Musicmakers swing band and the
Life Teen concert in February. The church is compiling tracks from each of their concerts for a compilation release
on CD of the highlights of their music concert series.

11.Marina Hueffner, a conservatory trained classical pianist and native of
Leningrad who emigrated to South Florida, recorded some songs just before Christmas. They are New Age songs with a
classical feel. Marilynn engineered.

12.Los Guardianes De La Verdad were in the studio again to record a CD of
traditional Christmas songs with a Latin feel, under the direction of Pastor Carlos Dellepore.
The band of 8 to 14 year olds consist of two trumpets, two saxes, a clarinet, two violins, one viol
and a synth cello.

L - Marina Hueffner, R - Jane Oster Quintet.

13. Jane Oster and her quartet came into the studio to record a demo.
What a great jazz voice! Sean engineered.

14. Ballers Klub are currently finishing their CD,
overdubbing rhymes and mixing. Their tracks can be heard on South Florida radio stations (102, for example).

15. Undadawg Productions have finished mixing and mastering their CD,
Royal Empire by Trauma Chall AKA Tha Rippa. Soon to hit the streets, this anticipated CD hits hard and heavy.

L - Undadawg producer-musicians Dalton, Dallas and rapper Tez (Tha Rippa). R - Tha Rippa in full flight.

16. Alonso Wilson released two CDs of Panamanian music.
Visit Alonso Wilson's website for more information. Sean at CMR remastered Alonso's original
quarter inch tape to CD using the Trident board and Logic Audio. "The tape was in surprisingly good shape,"
says Sean, "but the splicing tape had degraded, so I kept having to resplice the master reel. Everything
else went smoothly."

L - Alonso Wilson at the piano, R - Chad Fell Down

17. The all girl rock trio Chad Fell Down came in to record a short EP
of three tunes. Sean engineered.

18.Luisa Lubell spent a day recording a demo CD at CMR. Not yet a teenager,
young Luisa has mesmerized audiences with her incredible voice and presence which has gained her
wide spread recognition on national television.

Luisa in full flight.

19. Pianist Ken Elkinson has completed work on two new CDs of
quiet piano compositions. Ken flies in from New York just to be able to record on our Bosendorfer piano.
"For the amount of money it costs to record in New York on a Bosendorfer, it ends up being more cost effective
to buy a ticket to Florida and record at CMR," says Ken. One of his CDs will be available as a
free downloadable MP3. Visit Ken's web site for more info on his unique and serene music.

20.Los Guardianes De La Verdad were in the studio to record a CD of traditional
spirituals under the direction of Pastor Carlos Dellepore. Pastor E. Dellepore joined the youngsters on drums.

. . .

Left - Guardianes De La Verdad. Right - Natalie Riccio and Sean McAusland working on a mix.

21. Singer-song writer-pianist Natalie Riccio has completed work
on her debut CD, as yet untitled. Her band came in for a day long recording session, followed by several days
of vocal and instrumental overdubbing and mix downs. Sean engineered and contributed some percussion
during the overdubs. Natalie's CD includes many solo piano-vocal pieces as well as the full band
on half the tracks. Sean recently joined Natalie to play a showcase performance in Gainesville.

22.16 year old piano virtuoso Edward D.J. Hom finished recording his debut CD, titled
Spirit of Classics. His selections include such challenging pieces as Adinsell's Warsaw Concerto and
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. The CDs are currently available. Contact CMR for more info.
Both Sean and Marilynn engineered.

23.3-2-Go, a promising young alt rock band from Wellington recorded their debut EP
at CMR (Sean engineered). They've gotten much exposure and press recently and we wish them the best.
They are currently (2004) working on a full length CD in their home studio.

24.ODD MAN OUT has recorded two EP length CDs at CMR, engineered by Sean.
ODD MAN OUT are a band of talented teens who have gotten a lot of favorable exposure in Palm Beach County
and may be destined for bigger markets. We wish them luck.

L - Edward DJ Hum . R - Odd Man Out


25. Sean completed graphics for Reuben Hoch's jazz group
The Chassidic Jazz Project (CJP for short). These CDs are available at CJP performances.
Visit the CJP website
for more information and the performance schedule of this electrifying ensemble. Reuben's group combines
traditional Chassidic music (not to be confused with Klezmer) and fuses it with contemporary jazz.

26. Acoustic blues guitarist Michael Straneyrecorded a four song demo
showcasing his unique vocals and alternative tuned guitar fingerpick style. Sean engineered. 2. The Palm Beach Post, South Florida's definitive newspaper, featured
Marilynn in the TGIF section of their August 2nd paper. The article was written by
music columnist Bill Meredith.

27. Jazz drummer Christian Buckholz has recorded a new CD
at CMR. Titled THE MISSING CHAIR, it is a tribute to his musical mentor Lenny Tristano.
Included on this trio recording are Eddie DeMatteo on upright bass and Jay Corre on sax.
Engineered and mixed by Sean and Marilynn.

28. Final mastering is being done on RAINED OUT a jazz CD
by the VIBRATIONS JAZZ ENSEMBLE featuring pianist Marilynn Seits,
fretless bassist Sean McAusland, guitarist Andy McAusland and drummers Sy Pryweller
and Rod Parker. Tommy Smith guests on a track on trumpet. Engineered by Dennis

29. Best selling author JAMES PATTERSON came in to record
the introduction to his new book which is being produced in audio form as well as a traditional
print book.

30. Gayle Seymour has recorded a CD of
positive message sleeping disorder aids. This is a repetitive and tranquil spoken word CD
designed for people who have sleep disorders. Marilynn is composing the accompanying music.
Visit the website for more info. She has also
expanded the Just Relax... product line to include essential oil blends and aromatherapy pillows.

31. Elizabeth Younts recorded a CD of piano music.
Pictured below is Elizabeth and daughter Sandy.


L - Sandy and Elizabeth Younts. R - Sean at the board, November 2003.