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Welcome, Massage and Bodywork therapists!

Welcome to the world of CMR Moongate Records and the healing music for mind,
body and spirit from composer Marilynn Seits. All of Marilynns music for
massage, bodywork and yoga sessions is soft, ambient & long enough to last
the length of a one hour session. The CDs are continuous with no breaks
between tracks and they have no sudden shifts in mood.

Most of our Moongate titles are perfect for the working therapist.
There are no vocals or rhythmic drums. Vocals can be a distraction and
drumming can interfere with your natural rhythm. Marilynn's music is
meant to help create an atmosphere of tranquility without distraction.
Her music is used by Massage Therapists, hypnotists, spa resorts and
day spas, Reiki Masters, Yoga instructors and physical therapists.

The seven chakras or energy openings of the human body each have their own
frequency or musical pitch. Each Moongate CD was composed in several different
musical keys to give healing benefits to different parts of the body, to open
specific chakras and to work on energy flow. The body worker who is aware of the
clients specific energy & healing needs will be able to choose the appropriate
music and increase the healing benefits of the work. Also, think about using
color therapy in your bodywork sessions by using colored sheets, towels, pillows,
eye covers or candles to match the chakra or type of energy you are working with.

The Moongate CDs are designed to work together as a package. If you have all
of the CDs you will have music that will cover almost all of the bodywork and
energy needs of your clients from infant to geriatric massage and in between.
All of the CD packaging & graphics were carefully designed by artist Sean McAusland
to represent the healing colors of the chakras and to give a visual image of the
type of energy expressed in the music.


Marilynn Seits - FEATHERTOUCH
FEATHERTOUCH is an hour long minimalist piece of ambient music, shifting
slowly and pleasantly through the keys which correspond to the vibrational
frequencies of the seven chakras. The music starts with the root chakra note
of C, color red, slowly moves up to the 2nd chakra D, color orange, then up
to E the 3rd chakra, color yellow, then to F the 4th (or heart) chakra, color green,
up to G the 5th or throat chakra, color blue, then up to A the 6th (or third eye) chakra,
color purple and finally to B the 7th or crown chakra, color violet. The first half
of the CD gradually opens the chakras and the second half gradually closes them back down.
Good for most bodywork sessions and yoga classes including the meditation at the end of class.
Since FEATHERTOUCH touches on all the chakras, this music can be used in conjunction
with most color and aroma therapies.

Marilynn Seits - VOICES IN THE LIGHT
Similar to FEATHERTOUCH, this is a calm, instrumental ambient musical soundscape
that is 64 minutes long with subtle variations.

This CD of serene ambient music focuses on the pitches of A and B, which correspond to the
third eye and crown chakras, to help open the mind, body & spirit to the higher consciousness
of the universe. Working with this music can quiet down swirling thoughts and distractions
and help bring our sub-conscious and intuitive knowledge to the surface. THREADS OF VIOLET LIGHT
is ideal for Massage Therapy, Yoga, Reiki, Reflexology and Relaxation. For color and aroma therapy,
use THREADS OF VIOLET LIGHT in conjunction with the colors purple & violet and aromas such as lavender.

The mystical and introspective music on this CD focuses on the pitches of F and G,
the heart and throat chakras. This middle eastern influenced music works on the
emotions and may help bring cathartic release to people who are stressed and are
blocking their emotions. MEDITATIONS ALONG THE SILK ROAD can be used for Feng Shui
cleansing & energy balancing. It has YIN ENERGY (dark, quiet, earth, feminine energy)
and may help to quiet down a person, home or office with too much YANG ENERGY
(light, bright, heaven, masculine energy). For an even more therapeutic benefit,
use Silk road in conjunction with subtle shades of green and blue and aromas that
focus on the heart and throat.

Dragon and Phoenix is a blend of oriental sounds and piano and focuses around the root,
2nd and 3rd chakra keys of C, D and E. This music is good for grounding and centering.
It also has a balance of YIN and YANG and can be used to help energize and maintain good
energy balance for people or animals who are recovering from illness or home or office
environments that need energy cleansing. For a more intense grounding experience, use
Dragon and Phoenix in conjunction with subtle shades of red, orange and yellow (on your
sheets and towels for instance or with candles placed around the room) and use aromas
associated with the root, 2nd and 3rd chakras.

Marilynn Seits - BLACK DRAGON
Black Dragon was composed using digital samples of traditional Asian instruments. It is a
mystical and exotic blend of Oriental music made for Western ears. It has more energy and
a more active musical palette than the other CDs and is best suited for invigorating movement
such as Tai Chi, Qigong and Bodywork as well as for Feng Shui where more YANG (masculine)
energy is needed. The Yang energy of Black Dragon can be used to help cleanse out stale old
Yin energy in the body or environment (along with candles and aromas), and can also be used
to help stimulate energy in someone who has been ill or who has been emotionally drained.
Use more vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow to enhance the enrgy and centering
experience along with appropriate aromas and candles.

Marilynn Seits - FOR THREE FRIENDS
This is a beautiful album of relaxing piano music accompanied by flute and strings. It is
good for relaxation and bodywork sessions that are a little more casual, such as in a salon or day spa, office or waiting room, sessions less than an hour long, chair massages and reflexology.

Marilynn Seits - KARMIC TRIBUTE
KARMIC TRIBUTE: relaxing piano jazz that can be used for bodywork in more public
places such as airport spas, hair salons, office settings or open spaces where
several people are receiving chair massages at once. Jazz is more energizing so use it
along with brighter colors to increase energy or pale colors to tone down the energy.

If you wish to hear samples of any of these CDs, please follow the links to each one.


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