CMR Records presents The Brothers McAusland - two studio CDs
CMR Bad News Records

Sean and Andy McAusland have been playing acoustic music together for eight
years and these two CDs are the culmination of that collaboration. Andy plays acoustic
guitar, National Steel guitar and vocals. Sean plays mandolin, fretless bass and vocals.
Their range of material covers everything from delta blues to alt-folk to bluegrass to
spirituals to old-timey to jazz-folk, etc. The subjects they sing about are varied and unexpected, from the crack-fueled streets of South Florida's slums to legendary Civil
War figures. This is not your typical "I love you" or "You broke my heart" acoustic music.
There are two CDs available, each over an hour long, with all original material except an
ocassional obscure cover song. NOW AVAILABLE!

Available on two separate CDs.

To hear MP3 excerpts from these CDs, Click here for a track from Creative Control.(Real Audio or MP3 compatible player).
Click here for a track from One Eyed Monkey.(Real Audio or MP3 compatible player).

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