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SOUNDSCAPES is a dynamic and innovative exploration of improvisatory music.
Melodies and patterns form then dissipate, chaos becomes dissonant beauty, then beauty
becomes dissonant chaos, and structure becomes unstructurewhich becomes structure again...
This is a powerful and challenging work that openly explores the very foundation of
what defines music.

Marilynn Seits is painist/composer whose performances & recordings cover a
broad range of music including Jazz, Blues, Free Improvisation, Ambient and World Beat.

Peter Ponzol is a saxophonist whose career has included performing for ten
years in New York City and thirteen years in Europe, playing in jazz clubs & giving
concerts for Radio France, Radio Cologne and Radio Frankfurt.

Abbey Rader is a drummer, percussionist, poet, composer and teacher who has
been performing and teaching more than thirty five years in the United States
and Europe.

All three musicians believe firmly in the power and beauty of spontaneously improvised
music and this CD is a tribute to that belief.

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