Voices in the Light by Marilynn Seits - Ambient music for Yoga, Massage, Acupuncture and Reiki.
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Marilynn Seits - Voices in the Light
The idea for the music on this CD came from the many requests I’ve had
over the past several years for another album of music similar to the
ambient music I wrote for “Feathertouch”. I wanted to compose music
that would flow smoothly enough for yoga, be soft and ambient for reiki
& meditation and still be melodic and musical for massage therapy and chakra healing.

In experimenting with many different sampled sounds, I came across some
lovely digitally sampled choir voices singing not with words but the
syllables “Ah” & “Ooo”. These two syllables are frequently used to open
up the throat which allows the breath to flow freely without
constriction. They are also syllables used in chanting which helps us
to connect with the higher consciousness of the universe. I also found
a beautiful Irish harp sound which I used to represent the movement of
healing energy and breath throughout the body.

The music starts out in the key of F which is the 4th or heart chakra
key and towards the middle it modulates to G which is the 5th or throat
chakra key. The colors for these two chakras are blue and green and it
will help in the chakra healing process if you focus on these colors
while listening to this music.


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