PremYoga guided yoga class on CD by Yogini Prem Shakti
CMR Moongate Records

PremYoga Class on CD with Yoga Master Prem Shakti
This PremYoga© CD is a one hour long recording of one of Prem Shakti's
basic to intermediate yoga class taught by Prem as if you were right there
in the yoga studio. It is accompanied by music from Marilynn Seits,
a composer who has produced seven CDs of music for massage, yoga,
meditation and reiki. This CD is perfect for travel, for when you can't
get to a yoga class and when you don't have a video or DVD player handy.
All you need for your yoga class is your walkman or portable CD player,
loose clothing, a small mat or rug and this CD. All the instructions are
heard on the CD complicated books or charts which can be distracting.
In a pleasant and soothing voice, Prem Shakti will guide you through the basic
yoga movements found in most yoga classes such as Downward Dog, The Fish and The Cobra.

To hear an MP3 excerpt CLICK HERE.(MP3 compatible player).

By practicing PremYoga you might find that you...
¥ Have strength to make healthier choices
¥ Reduce stress and lower blood pressure
¥ Relieve back and neck pain
¥ Uplift the mind and energy levels from depressed states
¥ Lose weight and look great
¥ Reduce anxiety and sleep better
¥ Improve communication with loved ones and make new friends
¥ Be open to living life more fully!

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