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Relax with the healing energy of violet... Marilynn's latest CD blends soothing
ambient sounds with flute, strings and piano. Let the music gently cascade
around you bringing warmth, peace and serenity.

"The color violet has long been associated with health and healing,
springtime and rebirth. It is a color of high spiritual vibration and along
with clear, blue and indigo, it is a good color for meditation. The use of
violet light has been known to help alleviate the symptoms of many physical
ailments and essence of violet is used frequently in aromatherapy. Violet is
also the color of the crown chakra, the thread by which we are connected to
the universe. The crown chakra is related to the musical pitch of B, a pitch
used frequently in Threads of Violet Light. I hope this music brings you serenity!"

- Marilynn

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"Threads of Violet Light truly shines, sets your clients on the relaxation path. Perfect for massage and healing work."
- Teresa Victa, Massage Therapist

"You can actually feel this serenely beautiful healing recording subtly 'working' as the music plays... most highly recommended for any spa or therapeutic application such as massage, relaxation or rejuvenation."
- PJ Biorsik, syndicated music reviewer

"Composer, pianist and keyboard artist Marilynn Seits has gifted us with
THREADS OF VIOLET LIGHT, an exquisite album of deeply relaxing ambient music.
Perfect for spa environments and other therapeutic venues, the long, peaceful
tones and gently sparkling melodies transport listeners into heavenly worlds
of delicious bliss. Since ancient times the color violet has been closely associated
with springtime, healing and rebirth. A color of high spiritual vibration, violet
often is a potent choice meditation. Violet also is the color of the crown
chakra, the thread by which we are connected to spirit. Because the crown
chakra is connected to the musical key of B, Seits uses that key extensively
throughout THREADS OF VIOLET LIGHT. A truly gifted, multitalented artist, Seits
composed, arranged, performed on keyboards, recorded, mixed and mastered all of
the serene, profoundly nurturing music on the album. The ten tracks comprise
just over an hour of music, making for a delightful adjunct to massage, reiki
and other gentle healing modalities. THREADS OF VIOLET LIGHT is a magical
elixer for relaxation and meditation."

- Steve Ryals - Fresh Tracks music reviews - July/August 2002 NEW AGE RETAILER


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