CMR Records - Black Dragon by Marilynn Seits - Music for Tai Chi, Qigong and Feng Shui
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REMASTERED and REISSUED with an additional 10+ minutes of music.
Pianist Marilynn Seits has composed a stunningly beautiful full length album
written for practitioners of Tai Chi, Yoga and other forms of Eastern movement.
Seits, herself a Tai Chi practitioner, wrote the music using Oriental modes and employing
samples of authentic Asian instruments to embellish the slow-flowing pieces.
Beacuse of Black Dragon's active and energetic feel, it is recommended, in
Feng Shui practice, to play it when there is a need to bring strong Yang energy into
the surrounding environment.

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Click here for Shamisen (track 2).(Real Audio or MP3 compatible player).

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"...Whether used as background music to calm & relax your mind, or an adjunct to your
Tai Chi or Yoga, you'll want to add this CD to your collection..."
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