Marilynn Seits - Feathertouch - Music for Reiki, Massage, Meditation and Yoga
CMR Moongate Records

A serene but powerful uninterrupted suite of music based upon the harmonal frequencies
of the seven Chakras (Energy Centers) of the body. The music is ideal for Yoga, Reiki,
massage and other forms of hands-on healing. The music creates an unintrusive ambience
conducive to focused healing and body work. Richly beautiful music!

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MASSAGE & BODYWORK Dec/Jan 2001 - New Products

CMR Records presents FEATHERTOUCH, Music for Reiki and Massage by
Marilynn Seits, a CD of flowing ambient music perfect for hands-on
healing, meditation and all types of energy work. Its 58 minutes
of slow-moving sound weave in and out, offering a no-interruptions
listening experience. Many of the sustained notes on the CD were
chosen to represent the audio frequencies of various chakras and
energy openings.

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july-aug 2000 - Book & Music Reviews
Marilynn Seits is an accomplished jazz musician. Her many years of recording
experience have prepared her well for this terrific album FEATHERTOUCH:
MUSIC FOR REIKI AND MASSAGE. Composed of sustained notes and beautiful
electronic chords, FEATHERTOUCH was specifically designed for use during
Reiki treatment. A lifelong student of this Chinese healing method,
Marilynn created a very rythmic musical meditation. The slow moving tones
weave in and out of each other, much like the energy of our own bodies.
Many of the sustained notes were chosen because they represent the same
audio frequencies of the various chakras of the body. For instance, the root
chakra is the musical note C. The opening lines of this album focus on C to
stimulate the opening of the root chakra during bodywork. As you relax with
this music, focus on the graceful movement of the tones as they gently
glide through space. We are musically encouraged to treat any intruding
thoughts like feathers. Acknowledge their presence and let them float by.
FEATHERTOUCH is an excellent description of what this fine album is. Gentle,
soothing and relaxing for bodywork or personal meditation. Look for
FEATHERTOUCH at your favorite bookseller.

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