Dragon and Phoenix - Music for Yoga, meditation, reiki, massage and movement
CMR Moongate Records

A beautiful tapestry of Oriental sounds and piano music soothing to the ear. The
tracks segue one into another for an unbroken harmonious experience. Because Dragon and Phoenix is
both melodically peaceful and energetically dynamic, for Feng Shui, it is recommended to be played
for a balancing of Yin and Yang energies.

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issue No. 70

Ahh...I listened to this CD as I meditated and worked on my chakras. The flowing eastern flavor of DRAGON & PHOENIX melded beautifully with my visions. As an accomplished pianist and composer, Marilynn Seits has successfully put her stamp on Oriental and New Age music, as well as bringing out the healing attributes of Reiki. DRAGON & PHOENIX was originally composed for a medical Qigong healer; while you listen you feel its healing properties in your chi.

Recommendations - Exceptional books and music, Spring 2000

PRESENTATION- Full-bodied Oriental sounds and piano for meditation, healing, Reiki, Yoga, movement and reducing stress. NOTEWORTHY- Esoteric blending of Yin and Yang with Oriental digital instrument samples combined with piano, strings, vibraphone, creating a balanced, healing musical environment.

issue 83 Jan-Feb 2000

DRAGON AND PHOENIX is Marilynns sixth release on CMR Moongate Records. This hour-long tapestry of continuous ambient piano and Oriental music was originally composed by Seits for a medical Qigong healer, Reiki master and practicing Buddhist, Master Yu Xiang Chun in China. Master Yu developed the "Dragon & Phoenix" moving qigong form to help him recover from illness. The movement was successful in helping him back to health, and led him to ask Seits to compose music representing both the dragon and the phoenix as symbolized through the Chinese art of Feng Shui. In this traditional concept, the dragon and phoenix symbolize principals of yin and yang - balance and harmony in all things. The dragon represents darkness, water, strength and agility, while the phoenix represents lightness, fire, grace and beauty. Seits balances the symbolism of the yin and yang in this recording by uniting East and West through the marriage of digital samples of Chinese instruments combined with piano, strings and vibraphone. The result is peaceful and harmonious, as the listener experiences the subtle aspects of light and dark timbre, low and high pitches, and the Eastern and Western musical traditions blended together.

Vol II No. 2 Mar-Apr 2000

DRAGON & PHOENIX: Music for healing, Reiki, Yoga and movement by Marilynn Seits. An hour long recording of ambient Oriental sounds and piano flowing smoothly together to form a tapestry of continuous music suitable for massage, Reiki, meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga and stress reduction.
-Peggy Randall

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