Meditations Along the Silk Road, A CD of music for Meditation, Yoga, Feng Shui
CMR Moongate Records

SILK ROAD is a soothing stream of piano music
and sounds inspired by the sights and cultures along the ancient Silk Road
trade routes between China and Europe. Marilynn has travelled parts
of the road and used these experiences as inspiration. The music flows softly,
combining engaging passages of improvised piano based on Middle Eastern scales and
modes with enticing embellishments of sitar, flute and strings. Because Silk Road
is dynamic, introspective and contemplative in mood, for Feng Shui purposes,
Silk Road is recommended to be played when energy needs to be diffused and lightened.

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"This piece beckons you to still your mind so that you can reach the subtle and mysterious doorways of perception and emotion which the music weaves and the soul remembers."

- Terry Principi, Massage Therapist

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"You did it again - another masterpiece! Your new release MEDITATIONS ALONG THE SILK ROAD is now part of my daily meditation... I am so peaceful, relaxed and uplifted at the end of my session. I love it!"
- Dr. Molly Mistal

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Prepare yourself for a beautiful, mystical journey through your emotions with Marilynn's latest masterpiece! Piano and subtly arranged Asian sounds interweave to form a dynamic tapestry of exotic and relaxing music, which, according to Marilynn, was inspired by her travels along the ancient Silk Road. By the journey's end you should feel a spiritual uplifting cathartic release as well as emotional cleansing. These melodic piano passages intertwined with flute, strings, sitar and temple gongs will leave you in a state of total relaxation.
- Promotional description

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"MEDITATIONS ALONG THE SILK ROAD was inspired by the soulful sounds and exotic and mysterious cultures of the ancient Silk Road trade routes of Eurasia. I have travelled in the region several times and have found it so incredibly beautiful! This is emotional music that centers around the heart, throat and crown chakra pitches of F, G and B. By the journey's end you should feel a cathartic release of spiritual joy as well as emotional cleansing. It is my sincere hope that this music brings you paece and serenity!"
- Marilynn

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NAPRA REVIEW - Jan/Feb 2001, Vol. 12 #1 As the caravan moves out into the dawn at a slow camel's pace, the ancient Silk Road winds across the desert before disappearing into the vast horizon, ripe with discovery and healing adventure. Seits actually travelled sections of this well-worn path (there are friendly photos in the liner notes to prove it) before composing, performing and producing these moving musical meditations. Drawing on her cultural encounters along the road, she composed music intended to inspire and cleanse, emotionally intense as well as beautiful, centered on pitches of the heart, throat and crown chakras to bring listeners a cathartic release. Whether listening to the flute in "A Garden In Kashgar" or being carried in awe through the "Viridian Mist" by the richness of Marilynn's piano, there is interest enough to return many times.

- A.M.

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